Safety for Drivers at Walkers Crisps

Walkers Crisps (PepsiCo) have  installed a system supplied by Pager Call Systems to help improve communication and safety at their Beaumont Leys location.

Health & Safety requirements at the depot mean that drivers waiting to load and unload are not permitted to wait in their cab, the DriverPage™ system designed by Pager Call Systems provides drivers with a pager that will alert them the moment they are required at the loading bay.

DriverPage Transmitter

The innovative DriverPage transmitter has the provision for the vehicles registration number to be written against the pager number issued to the vehicles driver, this allows staff in the loading area to instantly identify and contact the driver of any vehicle on site.

DriverPage allows drivers of delivery vehicles and lorries waiting to load to relax in the canteen area provided on site whilst waiting to load or unload.

The smart new digital IQ pagers supplied by Pager Call Systems ensure that drivers can be

DriverPage Pager

DriverPage Pager

contacted at the press of a button. IQ Pagers offer the option of any combination of Flash, Bleep & Vibrate guaranteeing instant alerts for waiting drivers.

DriverPage offers a range of features such as out of range alerts which warns drivers if they are moving to an area beyond the systems range, this also ensures drivers do not inadvertently forget to return the pager when leaving and our patented SmartCharge technology which prolongs battery life and enables pagers to be fully charged in just two hours.

Systems are customised for each customers individual requirements and are offered with a choice of pagers and transmitters. All systems can expanded with the addition of further pagers and transmitters as required making the system future proof.

For more information on Paging Systems for Driver Safety contact us on 0845 6444109.

Pager Call Systems offers a wide range of pagers & paging systems for on site  communication.

DriverPage™ is a trade mark of Pager Call Systems Ltd

Desktop Transmitter + Charge Rack Pilot2

Restaurant Paging System

We have received an amazing response to the ServerCall Waiter paging system offer published in our June email newsletter. We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and for all the customers who completed the satifaction survey and gave feedback on the offer system.

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Server Call Paging Chef

Waiter Paging Systems

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Why Use Onsite Pagers & Paging Systems?

Pagers & paging systems have come a long was since their introduction, paging systems can now be found in use in many different industries. Restaurants are one of the most obvious applications, pagers however can be found in many offices, hospitals, hotels, retail outlets, spas and factories to name just a few.

The latest guest paging systems even incorporate table management systems enabling the hostess in a busy restaurant to inform the waiting guest of the estimated table wait time from information displayed on the base station, this ensures that the guest’s expectations are managed effectively at the time the pager is handed to them. If the restaurant already has a table reservation system many of the modern paging systems can be fully integrated in to these systems. New UHF frequency paging systems have a range of up to two miles so guests are not restricted to a confined waiting area, they can take advantage of all of the venues facilities comfortable knowing that they are contactable the moment their table is available.

Large offices & factories utilise paging systems to improve communication with their staff, software is available to install on any PC terminal enabling the user to send a message to the staff member’s pager directly from their PC. With a full directory listing available on the PC operation is simple with selection of the message recipient being by way of a drop down menu. PC paging systems can be used with up to 1,000 pagers, offering communication options to even large organisations.

Hospital waiting areas such as Accident & Emergency and Out Patient departments are now adopting pagers to inform their patients when they are needed for their appointment. This frees the patient to relax in the cafeteria or stroll outside, comfortable knowing that they will not miss their turn and will be summoned with the pager as soon as they are required. This is proving to be extremely popular with patients and health staff as it removes the congestion from waiting areas and relieves the stress felt by patients who can get frustrated being cooped up in busy waiting rooms.

Paging systems are also available for kitchen/waiter communication, wait staff have a small discrete vibrating pager attached to their belt or apron, in the kitchen there is a call panel numbered with each pager number and waiters name. Once the chef has food ready on the pass they press the appropriate pager number on the call panel and this signals the waiter by a small vibration that food is ready for collection for their assigned tables. If the serving staff has not collected the food within a predefined time the pager will automatically vibrate again. Once the waiter collects the food from the kitchen they press the button on the call panel next to their name and the paging is cancelled. Systems can even have an alpha numeric pager which the restaurant manager would carry and if a member of the wait staff has not collected their order from the kitchen after three calls an alert appears on the manager’s pager notifying them there is a problem.

Server call paging systems ensure efficient handling of orders and guarantee the prompt delivery of hot fresh food to the table. Using server paging staff numbers are kept to a minimum and in many cases the requirement to have runners delivering food can be eliminated saving the restaurant owner substantial wages bills.

With the wide variety of paging systems now available it’s not surprising that so many industries are using pagers to improve communication, operate more efficiently and in many instances save money as well.