Ultra-Trac Restaurant Table Location System

The Ultra-Trac Restaurant Table Location system is designed for order at the counter or bar style restaurants and bars, The system will instantly notify wait staff which table any order is seated at. When a customer orders food from the bar they are given a Customer Pager and the system will do the rest. The moment a customer selects a table the system identifies the table and displays the table number on screen with the customers order. If a customer changes tables the system will update with the new table number instantly.

Ultra-Trac is unique, unlike most systems that need every table in the restaurant to be tagged Ultra-Trac is a real time tracking system. The system does not require any units to be installed on or under tables.

No more wasting time searching for guests who have moved tables, food is delivered promptly and tables served faster resulting in happy customers and a smoother restaurant operation. Capitalise on busy service periods by delivering food faster and turning tables quicker our revolutionary Ultra-Trac table tracker & locator is the perfect solution for busy quick service restaurants.

Ultra-Trac Table Location System Features & Benefits

  • Tables & food orders are matched & displayed instantly on screen
  • Display shows which tables to run food orders to
  • Boosts customer satisfaction by serving guests food faster
  • Live Tracking of Customer
  • No messy tags on or under tables
  • Instantly tracks any customer who moves tables
  • Reduces food waste & customer refunds
  • Totally wireless operation for ease of installation
  • Unique Ultra Wide Band Technology
  • Turn tables quicker & deliver food faster during busy service periods

How it Works

  1. Customer places their order and are handed the Ultra-Trac pager
  2. Customer selects a table and places the Ultra-Trac pager on the table
  3. As the customer moves through your venue the Ultra-Trac customer pager tracks their position
  4. The Ultra-Trac receiver beacon is constantly updated with the customer position and selected table
  5. When the order is ready staff view the screen to find exactly where the customer is sitting
  6. Order is delivered and staff collect the Ultra-Trac pager and return for use

Designed For

  • Order at the Bar Restaurants
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Restaurants with Table Numbers
  • Fast Casual Restaurants