Waiting Room Patient Call System for Hospitals

With a networked Quiet Call Ultra Paging System single or multiple departments in a hospital can call patients no matter where they are located in the hospital without the need for costly signal repeaters and boosters.

With a networked Quiet Call System departments can easily call patients from either fixed or portable tablet terminals.

We offer a range of tablets and housings suitable for all department requirements.

The Quiet Call Ultra pager is IP54 rated against liquid ingress & dust and is protected using microbial additives to provide a truly antibacterial pager helping to combat the spread of infectious diseases.

Hospitals & Trusts throughout the UK use Quiet Call Patient Paging Systems including Great Ormond Street, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leeds General Hospital, John Radcliffe Hospital, Churchill Hospital, Alder Hey Hospital, Northumbria Healthcare Trust, Kettering General Hospital and George Elliott Hospital and many more.

Networked Patient Paging Highlights

> Department or Site Coverage
> Quiet Confidential Communication
> Networked Patient Pagers
> IP54 Dust & Water Resistant Pagers
> Tablet Patient Call Unit
> Pager Inserts with Message Space
> LED Pager Display
> Antibacterial Pagers
  • Improve Patient Management & Flow
  • Provide Patients a Better Experience
  • Ease Congested Waiting Areas
  • Improve CQC Ratings
  • Free Patients to Use Hospital facilities
  • View Waiting Patient List at Glance
  • No More calling Patient Names