Pagers for a Wide Range of on Site Messaging Solutions

What Pagers are Used For & How Do They Work?

  1. Pagers can be used in a variety of ways for on-site messaging
  2. Pagers are commonly used in restaurants for communicating between the kitchen and staff waiting on tables.
  3. Many restaurant operations use pagers to call customers waiting for food or tables.
  4. Industrial & Education buildings use pagers to communicate between staff on site.
  5. For large companies and warehouse operations pagers can be used to call vehicle drivers and send messages telling them which loading bay to attend.
  6. Hospital departments use systems to call patients waiting for appointments, this eliminates congested waiting rooms.
  7. The uses for on site pagers are wide ranging and we have customers using our systems from just about every industry imaginable.
  8. How do Pagers Work? – Pagers are called from a transmitter terminal using UHF radio frequencies which are allocated by ofcom (the UK’s regulator) for on site paging. The signal is sent over the airwaves from the transmitter and received by the pager. The pager can be alerted with a command to flash, bleep, vibrate or with an alphanumeric pager it will also display a message.

Types of Pager

Ultra Guest Call Pager

Guest Call Ultra Pager

Guest Call Ultra Customer Pager
Guest Call Ultra pagers, bright clear LED number display. Pagers feature user replaceable inserts to incorporate branding or promotions.

Control Queues
Use Ultra pagers to manage queues more efficiently, ideal for restaurants, food court operations or retailers wanting to offer their customers better service and customer experience.


Staff Call Staff Pager

Staff Call Pager
Staff Call Staff Pagers, rechargeable pager. Alerts with any combination of flash bleep and vibrate. Pagers are charged in a charging base which incorporates our patented Smart Charging technology ensuring that batteries are never overcharged.

Manage Wait Staff
Used with the Server Call kitchen to wait staff paging system & Staff Call paging system Staff Call helps manage communication between the chef and front of house staff. Staff Call pagers can also be used anywhere that a simple alert via a pager is required.


Alphanumeric Pager

Alphanumeric Pager
Alphanumeric pager, when a message is sent the pager alerts the user and a full alphanumeric text is displayed. Alerts can be set as vibration only vibe and tone or silent alert.

Integrate With Your Existing System
Alphanumeric pagers can be integrated to receive alerts from third party equipment such as fire alarm panels, hotel reception call buttons and front door bells.

A Complete Communication System
Alpha pagers are available as a complete message system, using an integrated pager transmitter or a stand alone transmitter and keyboard messages can be sent to staff via a PC application or directly from the transmitter.

Ultra Guest Call Pager

Quiet Call Ultra Antibacterial Patient Pager

Quiet Call Ultra Pager
Manufactured using anti microbial plastics to help fight the spread of infectious diseases, the Quiet Call Ultra antibacterial pager is used extensively in hospitals, outpatient departments and pharmacies.

Simple Reliable Communication
The pager offers a clear bright LED number display, multiple alert choices using any combination of vibration, bleep and flash. The Quiet Call Ultra pager is the ideal solution for communication with patients waiting for appointments or prescriptions and with the pagers clear alert system it is often the pager of choice for hospital departments & organisations dealing with the hearing impaired.