optician alphanumeric pager

Opticians Staff Call Push Button System

A range of Push Button Paging Systems for opticians staff handover. Offer clients the best service, fully wireless communication at the press of a button. Pager Call Systems has worked with some of the leading Boots & Specsavers opticians in the UK to develop a staff handover system which compliments the service provided to clients and increases staff efficiency.

Features include:

  • Single or Multiple Button Units
  • Customised Messages
  • Message to single or Multiple Pagers
  • Battery or rechargeable Solutions

Wireless Call Button Options

Rechargeable or battery wireless call buttons with options for 1, 3 or 5 button combinations. Each button can be programmed with a customised message.

Pager Options

A choice of battery or rechargeable alphanumeric pagers, pagers are alerted by distinct vibration when a message is received.