iFlex DriverPage Loading Bay Driver Call System

iFlex DriverPage is the next generation of call system to alert drivers waiting  for an available loading bay. iFlex DriverPage has been designed specifically for busy warehouse operations & distribution centres where vehicles are held waiting for loading bays.

iFlex DriverPage Features

  • iFlex DriverPage Speeds up Loading & Off Loading Times
  • Provides Instant Visibility Showing All Waiting Vehicles On Screen
  • Elapsed Time Display Showing Time Since Booked In For Every Vehicle
  • Sends Alerts When Expected Wait Time is Exceeded
  • Offers Reporting Showing Key Performance & Highlighting Wait Times Exceeded
  • Improves Staff Safety Eliminating the Need for Staff to Walk Looking for Vehicles
  • Multiple Terminal Option Offers Separate Vehicle Booking On & Driver Call Points
  • Add Notes or Special Instructions To Any Vehicle on the System
  • Desk, Wall Mount or Portable Tablet Terminals
  • Messaging Option to Send Messages to Staff (Managers, Fork Lift Operator, etc)
  • SMS Text Option to Send to Mobile Phones

See at a glance all vehicles waiting for loading bays along with the time waiting on the intuitive iFlex screen.

DriverPage Tablet

When vehicles arrive enter their registration number on to the iFlex DriverPage system and issue a DriverPage Ultra pager. When a loading bay is available simply touch the  vehicle registration on screen and enter the bay number and the drivers pager is alerted showing the loading bay number to attend.

iFlex DriverPage can be used with multiple terminals allowing vehicles to be entered on to the system at one location and called from another location.

iFlex DriverPage Saves Time and Money – With iFlex DriverPage you never have to spend time searching for drivers and vehicles. iFlex DriverPage allows vehicles to be parked in a safe secure zone and for the driver to be alerted with the bay number when required.

Fully Customisable Voice Announcement – DriverPage Ultra Pagers offer a fully customisable voice announcement option, Ultra Pagers have the option for any combination of flash, bleep & vibrate along with a voice announcement of your choice.

An iFlex DriverPage system offers the best in staff safety and complete site flexibility, vehicles can be parked up to one mile away and called when required.

Improve Vehicle Flow & Staff Safety – iFlex DriverPage improves vehicle flow cutting waiting times and reducing staff costs along with improving staff safety by eliminating the need for staff to be walking the yard looking for vehicles & drivers.

Features iFlex DriverPage

  • Full Reporting, Wait Times by Day/Time
  • Alerts When Wait Time Exceeded
  • Option for Multiple Call & Vehicle Entry Terminals
  • Alerts Driver With Bay Number When Called
  • Full Site Coverage
  • Full Display of All Waiting Vehicles & Time Waiting
  • Staff Messaging Option
  • SMS Text Message Option