Pager Call Systems announces the launch of their new All In One paging systems.

The new range of customer paging systems from Pager Call Systems is a leap forward in design and functionality.

The new All In One, a smart digital paging system with combined transmitter & charging rack.

The latest All In One restaurant paging systems from Pager Call Systems offer a host of features including: SmartCharge technology prolonging battery life for up to five years, out of range alerts to prevent pager loss and digital technology for enhanced message delivery.

Traditional coaster pagers utilising the new “All In One” transmitter & charger. A great space saving solution.

The Coaster “All In One” pager system offers familiar coaster pagers combined with the latest in digital technology guaranteeing smart fast efficient communication and excellent reliability.

For more information on the new All In One range from Pager Call Systems contact us on 0845 6444109 or visit our website at

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