Restaurant View With Wait List

Restaurant Reservation Application

Pager Call Systems are launching their new Restaurant Booking System & Table Management System. TableControl incorporates a live electronic restaurant diary and reservation system, restaurants can add the simple TableControl interface to their website, this will activate live booking directly from the restaurants website. Customers can view table availability for specific days and times and […]

Desktop Transmitter + Charge Rack Pilot2

Restaurant Paging System

We have received an amazing response to the ServerCall Waiter paging system offer published in our June email newsletter. We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and for all the customers who completed the satifaction survey and gave feedback on the offer system.


How Restaurants Can Save Money on Staff

How can you save money on wait staff in a restaurant? We’re not entirely sure that every restaurant may agree but dancing samurai robots that serve diners might be a worth a try. That’s what the owner of the Hajime restaurant in Thailand did. The owner apparently spent about 30 million baht (about $930,000) on […]

GuestCall AIO

New Patient Paging Systems

Pager Call Systems introduces a new line of patient paging systems for hospitals and medical centres. The new QuietCall medical pager systems offer busy hospitals and clinics a smart new solution  for notifying patients when they need to return for their consultation. The compact patient paging systems are housed in a space saving All In One […]

New “All In One” Customer Paging System

Pager Call Systems announces the launch of their new All In One paging systems. The new range of customer paging systems from Pager Call Systems is a leap forward in design and functionality. The new All In One, a smart digital paging system with combined transmitter & charging rack. The latest All In One restaurant […]

New GuestCall IQ Paging System

Pager Call Systems the exclusive UK distributor for US based HME Wireless has recently launched HME’s GuestCall IQ™ range of digital pager products in the UK. GuestCall IQ™ is a restaurant paging system that features a patent-pending renumbering system, new pager design and an integrated table management solution.

Operators can replace a missing pager from their in-store inventory, using GuestCall IQ’s patent-pending renumbering system. GuestCall IQ™ automatically renumbers and resynchronises pagers with the touch of a button. Extra pagers can be kept on hand, so the restaurant will never be without pagers on a busy night.

In addition to the state-of-the-art renumbering system, the system includes a basic table management system. This feature replaces and/or enhances marker pens and laminated sheets, enabling restaurants to turn tables faster and provide a better guest experience. The system also tracks estimated guest wait times, resulting in fewer walkouts and lost profits.

With Guest Call IQ™, restaurants can add an optional TableScout hand-held transmitter, to instantly update the table status remotely from the floor. GuestCall IQ™ can also integrate with third party table management solutions, to further enhance efficiency and service at the host station.