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QuietCall IQ Patient Paging

Product Description

Better Communication Promotes Better Healthcare

QuietCall IQ patient pager systems offer discrete effective communication with your patients – NHS hospitals, A&E departments, fracture clinics and out patient departments all need to communicate effectively with their patients. A QuietCall patient paging system offers hospital patients the freedom to visit the cafeteria, move outside to make phone calls or get a breath of fresh air comfortable in the knowledge that they can be alerted by the patient call system the moment they are needed.

A hospital patient pager will call the waiting patient via a unobtrusive silent flash and vibrate alert the moment you require them for their appointment. Branding or advertising space is also available on the pager insert enabling customisation to convey the medical facilities message.

QuietCall patient pagers are suitable for any NHS facility, medical clinic, pharmacy or doctors surgery looking to deliver the best in patient care and enhance their patient management process. QuietCall IQ is designed with busy outpatient departments in mind and features antibacterial pagers and a user friendly design to provide ease of use and efficient patient call system.

Patient Paging System QuietCall All in One Pager System QuietCall IQ Antibacterial Patien Pager

PCS QuietCall Paging systems are available with our new digital IQ Pagers. Patient Paging Systems are supplied with as many pagers as required by our clients, QuietCall Systems have the option of any number of pagers between 10 and 999. Our patient paging systems are used in hospitals throughout the UK to provide the best waiting experience to patients and promote a better atmosphere in busy waiting rooms.

Hospitals such as John Radcliffe Hospital, Churchill Hospital, Alder Hey Hospital, Northumbria Healthcare Trust, East Sussex NHS Trust and George Elliott Hospital are just a few that choose QuietCall Systems supplied by Pager Call Systems.

Patient Paging Highlights

> Patient-Friendly Paging  > Quiet Confidential Communication
> Durable Robust Design > User-Replaceable Rechargeable Batteries
> Unique System ID > Changeable Pager Inserts
> Smart Charging  > Antibacterial Pagers