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Smart Paging Solutions From Pager Call Systems

Pager Call Systems offers a wide range of on site communication systems utilising the most innovative pagers and paging systems available.

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Smart Paging Solutions

You can count on Pager Call Systems Ltd for the most comprehensive and reliable range of paging systems and pagers to improve your business communications and customer service. With a wide range wireless paging systems Pager Call Systems offer products to suit most onsite messaging requirements. Hospitals, leisure venues, hotels, offices and major retailers throughout the UK are currently using PCS products.

Comprehensive Range

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of pager systems available and provide onsite paging systems for diverse applications such as customer paging systems, waiter paging, push button call for service pagers, medical NHS patient paging systems for hospitals and pharmacies and staff paging with full alpha numeric messaging. Each system is offered with a range of options ensuring that we provide the solution that best meets your needs and budget.

Diverse Range of Pagers

By choosing to distribute the best Wireless products we have ensured that we offer a diverse selection of the industries most innovative, reliable pagers to mix and match within each paging system. This ensures that you will be offered pagers that match your requirements. Whether it’s full alphanumeric paging or simple alert from vibrate/flash/beep, coaster, wait staff pager, rechargeable or battery operated, Pager Call Systems have a pager that suits your needs.

Quality Products for High Performance

Superior value and performance are the cornerstone of our products. That’s why all products offered by Pager Call Systems are made from high quality durable components and robust materials ensuring maximum reliability and performance. Pager Call Systems Ltd offers the latest innovations in pager technology such as the HME Wireless digital GuestCall IQ paging systems with automatic renumbering and our space saving GuestCall IQ “All In One” combined transmitter and charging unit for customer paging.

Flexible Expansion & Integration

All of our paging systems are designed to allow the simple addition of more pagers, you can also utilise different pager models for differing applications. Additionally many of our restaurant paging systems seamlessly integrate with table management solutions to further enhance and improve efficiency whilst providing additional functionality from your reservation or table management system.

What Clients Say

  • GuestCall IQ at Westfield Shopping Centre Charlotte Christiansen Food and Beverage Manager for Westfield London commented “We are really pleased with the new systems, they are now part of the daily operation of restaurants within the mall and are relied on to communicate efficiently with diners using The Balcony restaurants
  • Papa G's Manchester Managing Director Angelo Gabrilatsou said “we know that great food and excellent customer service would be part of our winning formula, we also knew that having a successful restaurant would mean that we would have wait times during busy periods. We decided to offer customer pagers to our waiting diners, this would enable them to relax at the bar whilst waiting for their table. After looking at several systems we decided to opt for Pager Call’s GuestCall IQ digital guest paging system. The GuestCall IQ system is the most innovative system we looked at, we were particularly impressed with the automatic renumbering and the LED displays showing the pager number. The system has proven to be a hit with our customers and staff”.
  • Managing Director of Indi-Go, Pankaj Patel explains “We operate restaurants in a number of busy food courts in shopping centres throughout the UK and we wanted to ensure that we not only gave our diners the best Indian Cuisine possible but also provided the best possible service and dining experience to our customers. We have worked with Pager Call Systems for a number of years and the GuestCall IQ customer pagers have been the perfect solution to ensure we deliver a high quality dining experience”.